clarity of mind


mind open
eyes closed
in the dark
who knows
no distractions
to divert
just memories
and imagined
clearer than day
darker than night
colours arrive
brighter than light
not illusions
others can gift
just delusions
consciousness shift
different shades
of light revealed
to our minds
they do appeal
eyes open
mind closed
what is seen
no one knows

ocean blue



lovely ocean blue
in my mind you dance
every time I glance

like a restless leaf
you yearn for a spin
with the gentle wind

in dark or in light
the joy in your wave
can cause hearts to cave

rising with the moon
glistening in the sun
till the day is done

lovely ocean blue
with my heart you play
you light up my day

like flowers in bloom
you sing to my heart
forcing tears to part

every sight of you
with my love you toy
as you teach me joy

flowing with the wind
bathing in the sun
always having fun

lovely ocean blue
to my heart you sing
such warmth you bring

Lady inspiration



The mirror of my heart,
Always lies next to me.
She eats and breathes poetry.
With her passion clear,
Her words sincere,
She whispers this wisdom:
“Say what you must”
“Your heart you should trust.”

Hearing these few words,
I do great courage find,
How they inspire me to share,
The contents of my mind.
With mind and heart now clear,
And ready to embrace my fear,
I reach and grasp a pen, so I can,
My thoughts to you now send.


J M Lysun

Silent mind



A silent mind is not idle.
It makes up for words with observations.
It listens to what others cannot hear through the chatter.
It sees deeper than what others on a canvas may splatter.

Though it’s not sharing,
Its there all the time,
feeling each ebbing moment,
anticipating things to come,
caring for new arrivals,
new thoughts,
new ideas,
never distracted,
never missing a beat.

A silent mind is far from silent.
It is reflected,
by what comes into being.
It is acknowledged,
even rewarded for its patience.

In deep thought it ponders;
on what was,
what is,
and what will always be.

Stunned by the truth,
when it finally chooses to speak
it brings total silence.
As all will listen.


J M Lysun

A moment



It comes and goes.
When it comes nobody knows.
A ripple in time that spreads.
It is captured and released.
Wraps and entraps.
It comes too soon and yet can be long in waiting.
When it arrives, it is usually a surprise.
Special, delightful, memorable, insightful.
Gentle on my mind, kind to my heart,
from beginning to end.
From this moment I cannot part.


— J M Lysun —


Copyright © 2014 J M Lysun. All Rights Reserved.