A moonlit night



Scattering petals in a ring
Whilst sprinkling magic in the air
Fairies dance and sing
At this moment very rare

With summer near its end
Blessed by the harvest moon
Joy will fairies send
Packaged in a happy tune

With night long and bright
Many come out to see
In this moonlit night
Fairies dancing by the tree

J M Lysun

A summer night



One summer night
The moon did draw my gaze
Its bright crimson light
Did set the night ablaze

With a pearl like beaming glow
And a dark side that can’t be seen
I sensed my feelings grow
For a place where my heart has been

If it wasn’t for the radiant sun
I know its glow would not be there
Night would lose its fun
And the sun would waste its glare

Sharing abundant light with night
always pointing towards tomorrow
With its gleaming smile and gentle might
Banishing all of sorrow

Always caring for the human race
From its place high above
It does ocean tides embrace
With endless love


J M Lysun

River of light



What wonder flows in the night,
reflecting the harvest moon?
Cool and glistening bright;
is the light that makes lovers swoon

A never ending flow,
dancing with delight .
Reflecting twilights glow,
this unending wave so bright.

Gentle to my eyes.
Always kind to my soul,
to see a river flowing free,
along  the silent knoll.

So full of ebbing motions,
and restful sounds.
Giving me wonderful emotions,
from the heavens, it now grounds.

This wonder that flows in the night,
reflecting the harvest moon,
it is truly my hearts delight.
A lovers boon.


J M Lysun

The moon I love



Have you seen the light above,
how it shines so bright,
against the blackness of the night?

Though it pales compared to day,
in the night it makes a great display.

The moon I love,
high above,
is a gentle, caring moon.

To the children of the forest,
it never really comes too soon.

By bringing light to utter darkness,
shadows into play,
it brings pure magic some would say.

Mirror of the sun.
Force of wonder.

We the children of the sun,
who fear the night,
welcome your illumination.

Symbol of grace and clarity
always be the moon I love
and forever shine on me.

J M Lysun