A world beneath my feet



Beneath my feet,
the world looks very neat.

Grasses trimmed and pretty,
typical of what you’d find in a city.

Rows of concrete floors on either side,
just to help me ease my stride.

But just below where your eyes can’t see,
is a world that’s wild and free.

If only there, I could now be
I wonder what my eyes would see?

May be a place full of mountains and ridges,
with many insects making bridges?

Or maybe a place that’s bright and airy,
where you might meet a happy fairy?

In truth, I have no clue,
of what’s down below and what they do.

But of what they do I should not care,
just as long as they are happy there.

I wish they are always having fun,
hidden from the brightness of the sun.



J M Lysun