be forever mine



Ever softly did tears arrive
to awaken the night.
With it came the wind
to reveal its beauty
and the moon to shine
gently upon my cheeks.

Were I not already enamoured
with the sun my heart would
now burn to a different light,
my thoughts would turn
towards a deeper ocean
and Day would be but a dream.

These are, but foolish thoughts
for in truth all can be mine;
let the light of distant stars
be my inspiration,
the sun to remain my life and
let the moon be forever in my heart.

50 Word Stories: Love Calls


Though her steps were barely audible, in the silence of night, love announced itself. With the flicker of candles, her bright passionate eyes suddenly inflamed to reveal a longing that called across the ocean of darkness; offering such warmth that the chill night air only served to hasten their embrace.

Stars at night



I gazed upon the sky at night,
And was amazed by what I saw,
Darkness blessed with light,
As I looked upon with awe.

How these stars do shine,
Twinkling as they do.
My heart they seek to bind,
As I wonder how they grew.

It’s easy to fall in love,
With the unending cosmic ocean;
As I look at the sky above,
And see these lights in motion.


J M Lysun

A restless night




It is a summer night.
The moon does shine ever brightly.

Birds speak loudly by their silence,
as all await the gentle breeze of relief.

So much, for tranquil slumber.
As if enraged, the damp, stifling, rancid air seeks to choke
the last drop of existence.

With each laboured breath,
sweat pours, like a river in spring,
from every conceivable pores.

Relentlessly, on the unforgiving hot softness that cradles me, I shift,
as I become a slave to the tormentor,
and must an unending dance perform to appease.

Just as frustration sits on my lips ready to burst. It comes.

The butterfly wings fluttering over my skin announce the arrival.
With a sigh of relief, my body shifts to embrace
the cool caress of the caring wind.

Ah, at last, I can rejoice.

At last, I can surrender to the peace of the night.

I hear the wind whisper goodnight and with a smile of contentment I reply.



J M Lysun

The moon I love



Have you seen the light above,
how it shines so bright,
against the blackness of the night?

Though it pales compared to day,
in the night it makes a great display.

The moon I love,
high above,
is a gentle, caring moon.

To the children of the forest,
it never really comes too soon.

By bringing light to utter darkness,
shadows into play,
it brings pure magic some would say.

Mirror of the sun.
Force of wonder.

We the children of the sun,
who fear the night,
welcome your illumination.

Symbol of grace and clarity
always be the moon I love
and forever shine on me.

J M Lysun