50 Word Stories: Love Calls


Though her steps were barely audible, in the silence of night, love announced itself. With the flicker of candles, her bright passionate eyes suddenly inflamed to reveal a longing that called across the ocean of darkness; offering such warmth that the chill night air only served to hasten their embrace.

ocean blue



lovely ocean blue
in my mind you dance
every time I glance

like a restless leaf
you yearn for a spin
with the gentle wind

in dark or in light
the joy in your wave
can cause hearts to cave

rising with the moon
glistening in the sun
till the day is done

lovely ocean blue
with my heart you play
you light up my day

like flowers in bloom
you sing to my heart
forcing tears to part

every sight of you
with my love you toy
as you teach me joy

flowing with the wind
bathing in the sun
always having fun

lovely ocean blue
to my heart you sing
such warmth you bring

Not so different


When I look upon the world I see
There are colours of many hues.
When I look at you and me
I see an ocean of different views.

Though different in many ways
Much of what we do is clearly same.
We’re merely actors in different plays
Inspired by dreams to claim our fame.

Like the earth and moon in a dance
Who from the sun can’t be free.
When you glance as I advance
Your future you can’t help but see.

Though what you paint is meant for you
What I see painted can work for me.
Our differing thoughts can both be true
Just give it a try and you will see

Some want the sky to be always blue
Others seek to be different and want it red.
But what might work for both me and you
Is to change colours each day instead.

One should not seek to bar the other
There’s always space for all to be.
Differences between brother and brother
Should not really bother you and me.





I thought I knew the limit of beauty,
until my eyes was set on thee

I thought I knew grace,
until I looked upon thy face

Such magnificence that I now know.
Such majesty, is what I see, now glow.

Orange red hues spreads along the horizon,
that I cannot help but keep my eyes on.

Though it blinds me, the essence of its glow,
I feel the need to know.

Framed by a mountain, the sky and the open sea,
this is where my heart clearly wants to be.

Across the open ocean blue,
nothing I’ve seen compares to you.

Water shimmers in your brilliance,
as you struggle and show resilience.

In the end you give way to night
but not without a fight.



J M Lysun