No one is perfect, let us be respectful.



The voice of reason is often said to be carried
by winds to distant shores to enlighten those
left too long in the shadow of ignorance.
But the truth is not so pleasant,
for what blows across tempestuous oceans
not only carries wisdom, but also
the weight of prideful dust sprinkled with conceit.
Being often plagued with misperception,
the hot air that rises to take up high moral ground,
can also find itself fall as easily as rain that gathers
from the shadows of its own darkened clouds.




With our minds the world we make.
Whatever you say, my views on that, you will not shake.
What is darkness? What is light?
With newfound wisdom, all that you have will be delight.

Your moods may swing from left to right.
What you find may not be what you like.

But be aware that you possess more that normal sight.
You can choose to see the world, upside down or inside out.

Remember, no matter what you hear and see
it’s your mind that makes it be.

If you wish, high above the skies will reign,
then down below will seem just plain.

My advice to you is clear, there is nothing much in life to fear.
What you seek is what you’ll find.

Never leave your dreams behind.


— J M Lysun —

Copyright © 2014 J M Lysun. All Rights Reserved.