Lady inspiration



The mirror of my heart,
Always lies next to me.
She eats and breathes poetry.
With her passion clear,
Her words sincere,
She whispers this wisdom:
“Say what you must”
“Your heart you should trust.”

Hearing these few words,
I do great courage find,
How they inspire me to share,
The contents of my mind.
With mind and heart now clear,
And ready to embrace my fear,
I reach and grasp a pen, so I can,
My thoughts to you now send.


J M Lysun

You and I



Open your mind and see
I am part of you as
You are part of me
What we’re made of has
Been here for an eternity.

Merely matter and energy
Interchangeable all can be
Dancing to a rhythm full
Of boundless motion
That we can’t see

A nature beyond understanding
Of geometry that cannot last
Driven by curiosity we seek
To peek beyond the veil to
A place where minds can sail.

Are we part of a Multiverse
Or a simulation running free?
Questions we’re trying to answer
With our existence not defined
Our understanding is clearly blind

It’s reassuring we are all the same.
Made from things that recombine
What is part of you will always
be clearly part of me and that’s
the way it will always be.

J M Lysun

Cast away



Blinded by sorrow
Mist surrounds my tearful eyes
If I could only see tomorrow
That would be my prize

What luck to be cast away
Left to the mercy of the ocean
In this tiny boat I sway
Feeling every sickly motion

As day light turns to dark
My hope quickly fades
With everywhere looking stark
I live amongst the shades

My heart like a solemn drum
Beats to a rhythm I can’t keep
Along with a mournful hum
Comes tunes that cannot sleep

But at last the clouds did part
And the moon did touch my face
My eyes did start
As my heart began to race

For in the not too distance
Salvation I could see
Rowing at my hearts insistence
I knew home I had to be


J M Lysun

across empty space



Since when did darkness swear to forgive the soul?
No, you’re mistaken, not in this life was set, this goal.
For darkness cares not for light of day,
Does not wish to see our souls at play.
Born before the tick of time.
To it brightness and colour are but a crime.
Never did it wish to see the light of day.
Caring not what light would say.
Seeing colours adorn the earth and sky,
Darkness you will hear with thunder cry.
Only when in gloom our head do rest,
And with darkness dwell at his bequest.
That we see his mirthful smile
Seeking to our soul, beguile.
Be not content to listen to his idle words,
Or he will bind you to his mindless herds.
Darkness is ever mournful of the silent lost,
Dreams and schemes of bringing back the frost.
Watching light across the fabric of space expand,
Its endless colours and growth he seeks to ban.
Only wishing utter darkness to grace his face,
That’s why with light he seeks to race.
With determination and patience, light he will resist,
As he knows well that even light cannot persist.
But don’t lose heart with what I say,
Remember time will do its best to bar his way-
Leaving more than enough time for us to play.

J M Lysun

bad memories



Oh, memories of yesterday
How you play with me.
In my mind you stay
Refusing to let me be

I spent a night under the stars
Mesmerised by the glitter
Hoping to forget all the scars
That in my mind you do litter

Gazing at trees by day
Sitting by a lake
Watching birds at play
Forgetting all the ache

Not alone for a moment
Keeping ever distracted
Trying to avoid the torment
From being re-enacted

Oh, memories of yesterday
Why won’t you let me be?
With you I cannot stay
It’s time to set me free


J M Lysun

Suffering for love



How is it that you still doubt my love?
That I love you should be apparent
In my tears and suffering
The fact that I am still
Here speaks loudly
Of the ferocity
Of this
That cares
With gentleness
Speaks ever softly
Of always being present
Shedding tears of happiness
Reflecting joy, longing to be seen
Undoubtedly embracing your rhythm


J M Lysun

The River



Meanders in the river Dart south of Totnes in South Devon England

 Dancing, romancing,
Gracefully along,
The endless bank.
Wave after wave,
Turn after turn,
Splash after splash,
In tune with the wind,
Mindful of each rock,
Smooth and flowing,
Rhythmically swaying,
Moulding to each curve,
Carrying everything,
And anything in
A relentless flow of,
Life imbuing energy.
Giving and yet harsh,
Patiently stripping layer,
After layer of resistance.
Tearing through rocks,
With a gentle caress.
Ever caring, nurturing,
As it meanders on its
Journey home, where it
Is quick to lovingly embrace,
The patiently waiting ocean.


J M Lysun

Feet in action


 Dancing Feet

Tread lightly in the dark
Step on leaves in the park
Walk and never stop
Hop and never drop
Run to have some fun
Stroll in the sun
Skip but never dip
Jump and never slip
Race along this place
Pace for a distant race
Dance to enhance
Prance to advance
Leap not too steep
Creep without a peep
Slide across the floor
Glide towards the door
Hobble when you’re struck
Waddle like a duck…


J M Lysun




As a shadow of what use to be
Imprisoned by time and can’t be free
How I wish the sun could grace my face
And the gentle wind, my hair displace
Alas, mine is not of life so blessed
Deep in darkness my head does rest
With no light to share this forsaken place
I make no sound for you to trace
Alone, I lie entombed in stone
As nothing more than dust and bone


J M Lysun

Dark side of immortality



If my quest for immortality
Were truly blessed-
What price would
I now pay?

To live a thousand years
And much, much, more.
To see the endless tears,
Tearing at my core.

To cast a shadow,
That knows no end,
In an eternal meadow
That light can’t tend.

To witness happy moments,
Escape my grasp,
leaving unending torment,
That will ever last.

To be, detached from time,
And see boredom claim my mind.
Surely, life will turn to grind,
For this everlasting crime.

Oh, to live with love and loss,
Forever entwine-,
As a stream of dross,
For insanity to find;

Though death I would deny,
Pain I would now gain.
With such pleasure wry,
Surely life will be my bane.


J M Lysun

Blessing from heaven



Tender are the joyful hearts that love to sing
Gentle is the bell that will with them ring
With all of softness, light and sound entwined
And heavens music bursting forth sublime
No wonder heavens gate for us does shine
And angel tears abundant with love you’ll find
Down below where the happy tears will go
The sun will make them with brightness grow
Watching the never ending solar stream of light
Your heart will warm at the wondrous sight
A colourful bridge arching to nowhere you will see
Bringing gentleness and beauty as it should be
Ever mindful of the kindly music from high above
You’ll witness the fluttering wings of angel doves
Peace to all with loud piercing voice they’ll sing
Their gentle presence will be felt with every ring.
Blessed by every drop that touches the ground
Beauty and abundance will rise with out a sound
Opening eyes to magnificent colours of every hue
Conceived from love dispersed and heavens dew
So enamoured and enchanted by what you see
Upwards towards heaven your heart will yearn to be



J M Lysun



Image from:  www.

Our Planet



a multi coloured pearl
bright and beautiful
like a flower unfurled
standing tall and dutiful

there forever to amaze
this wondrous sight
to attract heavens gaze
and bring delight

home to abundant life
that catch my eyes
A place also full of strife
hidden in many guise

a true joy to behold
bountiful and rare
its value beyond gold
will make you stare

out beyond our star,
I search for more
all I see are endless scars
standing at my door

alas, no other pearls I find
across this endless space;
nowhere else to dine
with wind upon my face.


J M Lysun

My many faces



The mask you see upon my face,
Is the one I choose this place to grace.
It is one of many I share today,
With others mind they’re meant to play.
One maybe humble, the other meek,
When together they barely speak.
There are many faces I can display,
I choose them for what I have to say.
They can look polite and with words delight,
But don’t be fooled by just their sight.
If the brash me, you meet along the street,
Fear not he does not always think the way he speaks.
If with the cunning one, a plan you do now hatch,
Be aware that his words are made to match.
My happy face is made for pleasing.
I wear it when, with laughter, I am teasing.
When out, the sad one is the one that’s left behind,
As revealing my darkness would not be kind.
Sometimes my many faces are hard to bear;
It becomes difficult to choose which one to wear.
When these self doubts grow and grip my mind
Contentment and happiness is hard to find


J M Lysun

Memories that make me




There are memories that I am fond of.
Others that I’d like to forget.
One without the other wouldn’t be me.
There are moments that I shared,
That showed clearly that I cared.
There are moments that I feared.
Whilst others, when challenged I appeared.
There are moments that I loved,
Others that I shoved.
There are moments I did wrong,
Whilst in others, I was strong.
There are moments I did good,
But was never understood.
Some scary moments I still remember,
Where I refused to surrender.
Such memories are part of me.
It should be plain for all to see,
That one without the other,
Would clearly not be me.



J M Lysun

Changes in our time



The sign of our time,
Is the change in clime.
With water everywhere,
But not a drop to spare.
We try to harness the sun,
To make everything run.
We look towards the oceans,
To harness all its motions.
We look towards the wind,
To harness all the spin.
But of the many things we do,
Curbing our needs is overdue.
With much waste to dispose,
Used in haste we should oppose.
Why so many lights in the night,
When there’s no one on site?
Why create things that delight,
When our oceans they do blight?
With land and oceans polluted,
Treasures of the earth all looted.
With virgin forests depleting,
Carnage everywhere repeating.
Where do we go from here?
Can you not sense the fear?
Tornadoes more frequent
Polar melting in sequent.
Isn’t it time to change,
And to think long range?
It’s time to end the madness,
And stop the future sadness.



J M Lysun




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Once the question of time,
Did consume my mind.
Its essence we do not know,
And yet we see it flow.
Like a rainbow it may be an illusion,
That in our mind makes an intrusion.
Though we measure it at our leisure,
Where it begins is never clear.
Where it ends we cannot peer.
Though the arrow of time we can see,
Moment to moment it seems to be.
Moving at greater speed with age,
Always quick to turn another page.
To the future we seem to rush,
Yet with the past we cannot brush.
Though time, we find, is quite sublime,
Its nature is not easy to define.
As an illusion observed in normality,
It’s a fundamental part of our reality.


J M Lysun

Cold of winter



If only the cold wind would die down,
And I could be left free from the torment.

Cold, cold is the bitter winter month.
Dark, dark is its mood.

Howling and full of chill,
It speaks of concealing the warmth of the sun
And laying low, the once fertile land.
Devoid of character, all is white.

White, white is the blanket that covers everything.
Bright, bright is its reflection in the day.

Inviting and playful and yet suffocating.
Glistening though it might be in the sun,
In the dark of winter it is merciless and treacherous,
Offering little comfort to the unwary and unprepared.

Silent, silent is the winter as it spreads and freezes hearts and souls.
Death, Death is what it brings.

Buried from the nourishing light all must wither, sleep or perish.
No more to grow but to weep until the end of winter.
Drawing strength from the certainty that winter too will pass away.
And in its wake will come rebirth and light; the seed of life.



J M Lysun

The sands of time



The sands of time,
How they moan and grind.
With ease they flutter in the wind,
Well aware of the earthly spin.
They watch mountains grow,
And mighty rivers flow.
Never a moment seen,
Where sand has never been.

The sands of time,
Towards the future they do us bind.
A path to past we may not find.
Noting every moment of every day,
With our minds they like to play.
Watching us turn from life to dust,
And blown away by a gentle gust.
Oh, to feel sand flow from start to end,
And to know they are truly not a friend.

The sands of time,
In their haste care not for any,
Being merely a passage of sorrow for many.
They never shed a tear for what was here.
Their purpose in our lives are never clear.
Ever forward they must flow,
How far they take us we never know.


J M Lysun

There be dragons



Torn between darkness and light,
Exuding heaven’s might,
The golden winged serpent flies,
Across the open skies.

With opened wings so vast,
It flies without a care.
With an endless shadow cast,
It rises in the air.

Bringing its mighty wings to bear,
Armours glistening in the sun,
Its brightness draws a stare,
Spoiling all the fun.

Looking full of heaven’s glory,
Silent and golden bright.
As foretold in many a story,
Its truly an awesome sight.

Seeing the mighty fire breather,
High above was rare,
The villagers break into fever,
And launch arrows in the air.

This disturbed the mighty dragon,
Who gave them an angry glare.
He set fire to an empty wagon,
To give them all a scare.


J M Lysun

In a dream



The smell of roses far away,
as I walk among the clouds.
Images of my children play,
with birds singing in a crowd.

Crying voices heard aloud,
with angels standing near.
Faces veiled in shroud,
to conceal the hidden tear.

In my hand sits a bowl,
of glistening golden peach.
Next I feel my soul,
sitting by the beach.

With blinking eyes I know,
life is always near.
The sun will glow,
and make this very clear.


J M Lysun

The lighthouse



Wave after wave,
and yet there is no give.
No walls to cave,
Just the will to live.

A beacon of hope,
standing in isolation.
Providing a life giving rope,
to guide away from desolation.

Fiercely blows the wind,
in its effort to topple the mighty walls.
Blunted, its powers will rescind.
Left to make only angry calls

The howl is mournful,
as the wall stand strongly defiant
Ever scornful,
it flashes lights that are riant.

The beacon of hope,
shines ever bright.
Helping lost men to cope,
against natures might.

When their eyes,
do meet this light.
With relieving sighs,
they do delight.

Home they safely go.
Steering towards waters calm.
Blessed by heavens glow,
they were kept away from harm.


J M Lysun





I thought I knew the limit of beauty,
until my eyes was set on thee

I thought I knew grace,
until I looked upon thy face

Such magnificence that I now know.
Such majesty, is what I see, now glow.

Orange red hues spreads along the horizon,
that I cannot help but keep my eyes on.

Though it blinds me, the essence of its glow,
I feel the need to know.

Framed by a mountain, the sky and the open sea,
this is where my heart clearly wants to be.

Across the open ocean blue,
nothing I’ve seen compares to you.

Water shimmers in your brilliance,
as you struggle and show resilience.

In the end you give way to night
but not without a fight.



J M Lysun

The last of your kind


The last of a kind


To be the last of your kind; alone with no one to share your laughter or sadness.
To never hear the sound of others or set eyes on anything remotely resembling yourself.

With only your reflection to remind you of your glorious heritage.
Never to feel the loving touch of someone who could reciprocate your love.

To feel eyes set on you, baffled, wondering who or what you are and,
to see those who still know you glance with shocked expressions;
exuding pity and some even showing contempt as they impatiently wait for your passing.

In their eyes you are no more than a ghost, a fleeting presence,
whose moment in the sun is about to be ended.
To know that they are right and await the passing of the sun and moon,
to bring an end to this aberration that is your life.

To know that your kind were once so numerous,
covering all the corners of your world and
now to be merely a remnant that time will gradually forget.
Not to be mourned and maybe not even to be remembered.

With no kin to note your passing or to shed a tear.
To never again be spoken of amongst the living; merely referenced as a curiosity.
What you feel is beyond loneliness; knowing that there is no one to console you,
no one to claim understanding.

All who see you know your fate and avoid drawing attention to themselves,
less they be next.
You are the only one left to witness an extinction.
All alone, you will shed a tear, not for your parting but for memories you leave behind.
There will be no one to tend for the memories of loved ones long gone.

Already forgotten, you know you will be reduced to dust and be blown away.
In time, you will fade from the minds of others and if lucky,
be condemned to the annals of history; a footnote of what used to be.

To leave this world with unanswered questions;
what fate brought you to this point?
what curse left you alone to witness your own demise in silence?



J M Lysun

Human thoughtlessness



The voice of greed,
is full of excuses.
Denial is what it breeds,
for all the abuses.

We live on this Earth,
which we must share.
Without respecting others worth,
how will we fare?

Our own mistakes,
we do our best to cover.
What others make,
we find a bother.

How sad that you and I,
are fast to shame.
I really wonder why,
we like to blame.

To ignore true beauty,
until it’s much too late.
When it was clearly our duty,
to love things, we’ve learnt to hate.

So much of nature we like to fight;
plants we call weeds and burn,
wondrous creatures,whose rights
to live, we spurn.

Doesn’t it seem odd?
How we hate to share.
Preferring to play god,
we face despair.


J M Lysun

An ageing mind




Once magic did flow,
like a river from my mind.

Lucid and clear it painted words without fear,
but time like a sabre did shear the best
and left the rest as my bequest.

With sharpness gone,
and when I look beyond,
the mysteries of the world I cannot see,
lost to me for an eternity.

No more to taste the words.
No more to paint the sounds.
My mind, the world, it now confounds.

Merely to gaze upon parchments and beseech
and weep as such beauty therein escapes my reach.

Oh, to have tasted the fruit from the tree of knowledge,
and to have lost abundant courage.

To allow weeds to grow
with nothing great to sow.

Time is cruel to an inattentive mind,
of our past glories, to taunt us, it does remind.

It was not so at the very start.
I know not why the fire of passion did from me depart.

With the vigour of youth long gone,
with nothing yet quite done.

Now alone on shaky legs, with a mind greyed by sand,
I defiantly stand.

Swearing to defend what remains of passion,
to the very end.


J M Lysun

The Haunted Tower



Cold and unforgiving.
A testimony to defiance it stands proud.
Aged, weathered.
But determined never to yield.
Never to surrender.
Even abandoned, it oozes menace.
Empty, door less and yet never silent.
Ever restless it groans.
It stands guarding and remembering;
the punishment meted to audacity,
the vengefulness to contempt.
Pitiless it counts the souls lost,
whose mortal bodies stain its walls.
Exuding more cold than winter,
immortal and without remorse,
its walls cast ghoulish shadows
to play with minds.
Ever tormenting.
Ever relentless in its pursuit of souls.
It calls to all who would listen;
challenging the daring,
dominating the weak willed,
to come.

J M Lysun

Technology and men



If technology will grow to save mankind,
I wonder what we will have to leave behind?
Will our soul continue to exist,
or will it be lost in this technological mist?
With our limbs evolved
and our handy problems solved;
What else can we expect,
on what wonders will we reflect?
We can already see in the dark,
maybe next, we’ll have wings and fly faster than a lark?
Maybe the galaxy we can even explore,
as science learns to open the door?
To space and beyond, we may begin to race
on other worlds we’ll place a human face.
So many changes are coming our way,
keeping us busy and shortening our day.
I wonder if these things that we make,
when they learn not to break,
will they seek to displace us,
or even replace us?
What ever is our fate
I hope it’s not too late.
That even if they out pace us,
they will care enough to leave some space,
for the human race.


J M Lysun

The magic of fairy tales



Fairy tales

All the fairy tales I know
begin with once upon a time,
anything else uttered would just be an awful crime
A phrase so bold.
A phrase so old,
and yet timeless

Such tales full of magic,
with even a touch of tragic,
are easy for young minds to follow.
With always a happy ending,
it’s sure to make hearts mellow.

Full of crazy bearded wizards,
kindly fairies,
Princesses in pretty dresses,
Dragons and knights, who fight on sight.
Clearly written to excite,
always to delight.

These tales with grace,
set at a gentle pace,
where good and evil do battle
and sensibilities they do rattle;
use joyful words to play
and in young minds they tend to stay.


J M Lysun




To feel alone on a crowded street
and only your heart, can you hear beat.

Detached from those around,
you barely hear a sound.

Numbed by the lack of sensation,
you abandon all expectation.

And you keep walking on,
knowing nothing can be done.

With not a single word exchanged,
or another plan arranged.

Your mind is lost,
as you endure the frost.

Cold as stone,
and alone.


 J M Lysun

A world beneath my feet



Beneath my feet,
the world looks very neat.

Grasses trimmed and pretty,
typical of what you’d find in a city.

Rows of concrete floors on either side,
just to help me ease my stride.

But just below where your eyes can’t see,
is a world that’s wild and free.

If only there, I could now be
I wonder what my eyes would see?

May be a place full of mountains and ridges,
with many insects making bridges?

Or maybe a place that’s bright and airy,
where you might meet a happy fairy?

In truth, I have no clue,
of what’s down below and what they do.

But of what they do I should not care,
just as long as they are happy there.

I wish they are always having fun,
hidden from the brightness of the sun.



J M Lysun

Memories of London



All know the beauty that is Paris,
and that its fame is justly claimed,
but the beauty of London, to some, is just the same.

If you walk along the Thames at night,
you’d be amazed at the wondrous sights.

Old and new come into view.
You can see where many stories grew.

Its beauty is truly outstanding in the night
where shadows play with the gentle burning light.

Of the day there’s much, much, more to say
even if the weather’s grey.

Numerous Towers and bridges you will see.
Abbeys and Cathedrals are always free.

Galleries and museums line the streets,
where history and pleasure, there you’ll greet.

At Trafalgar Square, your eyes will stare,
as many heroes are honoured there.

Piccadilly Circus is where shopping and culture meets
on the buzzing lively, London streets.

If Shakespeare’s plays are what you want to see
then there’s no better place for you to be.

There is much more that I can share
but its best for your to venture there.



J M Lysun


The river of life


cycle of life


The sand of time,
do us remind,
our moment is fleeting,
ends when our hearts stop beating.
So much to see,
so much to be,
with nothing everlasting,
we’re only here in passing.
That’s how it all flows,
all you need to know.
So, enjoy the moment,
make your atonement.
Release the past,
for the future at last.
Fill your time with merriment,
your mind with experiment,
and always be there,
for those you care.
No time spare,
So share.


J M Lysun

Amalfi Coast



Oh, Praiano pearl of Campania,
my memories of you they haunt me still.
Such timeless beauty did I see.
How I hope they’ll stay with me.

Birth place of the Renaissance.
How our path did cross by chance.

Merely there to see the views by day,
but setting eyes on you I had to stay.

I remember seeing part of you sitting high above a rustic hill
and how at your beach, down below, it was great to chill.

Oh, Praiano how memories of your beauty cling to me
So impossible , so surreal
to my heart your peaceful beauty did appeal.

I knew my heart, to you, was lost from the very start,
when tears I shed at my depart.


J M Lysun