in praise of water



I wonder who you answer to,
O most precious of drops
that come to cloud our skies?

How strange, even odourless
and colourless, your absence
is always sorely missed.

How easily you flow
with purpose into our lives
as we meander through life.

Being ever reflective in the sun,
cool in the night, all grow to
appreciate your virtues.

As the true heir to clarity
and light, even life eagerly
awaits you in all its seasons.

For, however, tasteless you are,
thirst is quick to rush to you
in aid of desperate lips.

Even your moments of white
stillness speak of great strength
whose coldness can move mountains.

Blessed with fluidity and brotherly bonds,
pools, rivers, lakes and oceans
are keen to hold your essence.

Universal solvent, you are one of a kind,
all will forever seek to know you,
but pleaseā€¦ always, – always be mine!



even a world
spun out of the
purest silk
adorned with
the most precious
of stones can
be shattered
by a summer wind
whose ill temper
cares not for
the promises
of spring

misfortune comes
to bring
fate’s heartless blade
to slice and dice
by endless cuts
the body
of meaningful
whose hasty
it forestalls

the storm
that chaos brings
is swift
turning day to night
with but a moment
arriving as cold
as a daggered hand
to reap havoc on
on a well made bed
once shaped
to invite comfort
– now, no more –