No one is perfect, let us be respectful.



The voice of reason is often said to be carried
by winds to distant shores to enlighten those
left too long in the shadow of ignorance.
But the truth is not so pleasant,
for what blows across tempestuous oceans
not only carries wisdom, but also
the weight of prideful dust sprinkled with conceit.
Being often plagued with misperception,
the hot air that rises to take up high moral ground,
can also find itself fall as easily as rain that gathers
from the shadows of its own darkened clouds.

Blessing from heaven



Tender are the joyful hearts that love to sing
Gentle is the bell that will with them ring
With all of softness, light and sound entwined
And heavens music bursting forth sublime
No wonder heavens gate for us does shine
And angel tears abundant with love you’ll find
Down below where the happy tears will go
The sun will make them with brightness grow
Watching the never ending solar stream of light
Your heart will warm at the wondrous sight
A colourful bridge arching to nowhere you will see
Bringing gentleness and beauty as it should be
Ever mindful of the kindly music from high above
You’ll witness the fluttering wings of angel doves
Peace to all with loud piercing voice they’ll sing
Their gentle presence will be felt with every ring.
Blessed by every drop that touches the ground
Beauty and abundance will rise with out a sound
Opening eyes to magnificent colours of every hue
Conceived from love dispersed and heavens dew
So enamoured and enchanted by what you see
Upwards towards heaven your heart will yearn to be



J M Lysun



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From far away it calls to me.
Clouds brewing across the sea.
With rage at each stage it rumbles and with that sound,
water from the sky will tumble.

It is the ultimate rage that you cannot cage.

Lightning will flash and day will turn to night.
Fierce winds will blow and waves will grow.
In its wake, devastation it will surely sow.

In time its force will dissipate.
Its anger subside.

But to those who bear its brunt.
Alas, time comes too late and their fate is sealed.
With damage done, they can only pray their wounds will heal.


— J M Lysun —

Copyright © 2014 J M Lysun. All Rights Reserved.