grasping reality



my sky
my world
with thoughts
I do this world
with joy
full of wonders
too much
for senses
to capture
and yet
for sanity
with stillness
I must
such boundaries
to limit
and thus
reality create
from endless
that flow
to reach
the shores
of perception
that inspire
and to life




As I look outside I see the world go by.
I wonder if it’s the same, when in my bed I lie?
Is what I observe simply life in motion?
Of what happens, when I look away I have no notion.
I often wonder if you are merely there when I stare?
But accepting your none existence I do not dare.
I clearly feel your presence by your shadow cast.
I know I am always happy when I hear your voice at last.
But what I’m experiencing I do not know.
I wonder if it’s all appearing just for show?
Though we think and therefore claim to be the deal.
Maybe what I touch, see and feel are never real.
I know that all I find are clearly meant for me.
Placed around to play and see;
Always stirring emotions I’m meant to feel.
Giving ideas that are easy to congeal.
Not a thing I find that’s out of place,
Nothing bolted for me in haste.
Even what I imagine is neatly confined,
To parameters I expect and am conditioned to find;
Fairies and aliens with arms and legs, eyes and nose.
Everything we expect clearly shows.
Predefined and cut from creatures previously observed.
Recombined and the same way served.
As much as my mind wonders,
And on the question of existence it ponders,
I know that “reality” is all I am meant to see,
That beyond this curtain, it’s clear, I’ll never be.



J M Lysun