The River



Meanders in the river Dart south of Totnes in South Devon England

 Dancing, romancing,
Gracefully along,
The endless bank.
Wave after wave,
Turn after turn,
Splash after splash,
In tune with the wind,
Mindful of each rock,
Smooth and flowing,
Rhythmically swaying,
Moulding to each curve,
Carrying everything,
And anything in
A relentless flow of,
Life imbuing energy.
Giving and yet harsh,
Patiently stripping layer,
After layer of resistance.
Tearing through rocks,
With a gentle caress.
Ever caring, nurturing,
As it meanders on its
Journey home, where it
Is quick to lovingly embrace,
The patiently waiting ocean.


J M Lysun

River of light



What wonder flows in the night,
reflecting the harvest moon?
Cool and glistening bright;
is the light that makes lovers swoon

A never ending flow,
dancing with delight .
Reflecting twilights glow,
this unending wave so bright.

Gentle to my eyes.
Always kind to my soul,
to see a river flowing free,
along  the silent knoll.

So full of ebbing motions,
and restful sounds.
Giving me wonderful emotions,
from the heavens, it now grounds.

This wonder that flows in the night,
reflecting the harvest moon,
it is truly my hearts delight.
A lovers boon.


J M Lysun