50 Word Stories: the magic garden


What sent me back through time wasn’t the creative inventions of men, but was rather, the charm of, an old English garden scented with the smell of sweet roses.

Set amongst the verdant fields of childhood memories this garden was keen to roll back to the breeze of past summers.

Eternal Love



 A rose is beauty by another name.

So mesmerising, when touched by the morning dew.
So delicate and bright in mornings first light.

By noon, it shimmers and glimmers,
succulent and inviting.
Touching hearts in everyway.
Inviting lovers here to stay.

The symbol of pure love,
stands tall in the noon day sun.
Sharing light, copiously, with all that’s fun.

Its joyfulness and radiance cannot be contained
and is even harder to explain.

But it is plain for all to see that,
it stands for what should be.

Love for an eternity.



J M Lysun


Thanks to AmyRose for sharing her  beautiful photos.

For anyone who is interested in roses and flowers, I would highly recommend you visiting AmyRose at