the journey


ever great storms come
I who am more than dust
must in God now trust

for never is a leaf left still
a river’s path not changed
or a bloom left clinging to a tree

a dew always arrives fresh
only for innocence to evaporate
under the rage of the sun

caught in the wind of change
a leaf so naturally formed
will never fall again the same

for even the bluest skies
when mist arise,can be hidden
and left for us to find once more

like cards randomly dealt, in life
an unknown game often unfolds
as we blindly rush to play

fools are we who are quick to adhere
to non- existent rules brought
by illusions to torment minds

for God did not a world create
with so many possibilities
only to guide us onto a single path

for it is how well we greet the journey
and not the route we choose to take
that will joy or sadness bring

so enjoy the storm for what it is
for in the end all will turn to dust
to God our soul we must entrust

the limit of words


So much is said and written in haste,
With meanings lost in cocooned words,
That has never felt tears of sadness,
Nor tasted love, happiness or joy.
Being merely strings of letters, bound,
Imbued with only a simple kiss,
And lacking the fullness of emotions,
They pale compared to night and day.
Unable to fathom the true depth
Of sorrow, they only reflect,
An image of the ocean, a moment,
A vision, of what maybe but never
Rich enough to capture pure essence.
Never to know the glory of the sun
And the elegant beauty of the moon.
Being only cast out of straw, they will
Eventually dissipate in the mist of time.
Even when beaded together to shine,
However beautifully they may be,
The fate of words is not to be
The ocean but merely the pond.
Not to be the master of the sun,
But to live in its eternal shadow
And point towards true beauty.

J M Lysun

Changes in our time



The sign of our time,
Is the change in clime.
With water everywhere,
But not a drop to spare.
We try to harness the sun,
To make everything run.
We look towards the oceans,
To harness all its motions.
We look towards the wind,
To harness all the spin.
But of the many things we do,
Curbing our needs is overdue.
With much waste to dispose,
Used in haste we should oppose.
Why so many lights in the night,
When there’s no one on site?
Why create things that delight,
When our oceans they do blight?
With land and oceans polluted,
Treasures of the earth all looted.
With virgin forests depleting,
Carnage everywhere repeating.
Where do we go from here?
Can you not sense the fear?
Tornadoes more frequent
Polar melting in sequent.
Isn’t it time to change,
And to think long range?
It’s time to end the madness,
And stop the future sadness.



J M Lysun




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With a restless mind,
full of unforgiving intrusions,
ripping the layered shields.

A glint of sorrow,
betrays my thoughts of moments past.

Trapped in the past,
and the realm of the damned.
My tormented soul is,
with endless question, captured.

A haunting question lingers on my lips
“If Only?” I hear it utter as it points, to blame.
Weighted and sharp, like a dagger,
it pierces my mortal heart,
to cause such pain,
anguish and shame.

Though with deceiving words, to the world,
the weight of truth I do conceal.

But my remorseful eyes cast a shadow that betrays me.

Tears of sorrow and remorse bleed
through the crevices of my eyes to remind me
of what could and should have been.

I am forever condemned by my words and deeds
and must,

my conscience,

through truth appease.



J M Lysun