100 Word Stories: worshipped from afar


As I turned, to set my gaze upon her distant face, I realised that never would a day rise more beautifully than If I were to awaken by her side.

Moments ago, in dreams, she was mine…more real than the brightness of the sun summoning me to the light of day!

Now, awake to her presence, my heart dares not hope, dares not be more than a shadow in her light.

Sadly, I must contentment find in the mere thought of her touch.

For dreamy moments, are but dreams. She, a Goddess, I to remain no more than man.

my constant companion


Existing between light and dark
stands my growing shadow.
My constant companion is
forever bound to my body and soul,
but being too ethereal to feel and touch;
is more ghost than a man.

Ever dancing to the rhythm of life
and yet not knowing the breeze;
I wonder, how tedious is your existence?
You who are compelled to walk another’s path
and yet denied the chance to taste
the fruit of that journey.

But to pity you would do you an injustice
for your presence is a source of comfort.
Never do you bow to the sun, or wind,
or feel compelled to yield to hunger.
Yours is the gift of elegant existence
flowing untouched by sorrow.

For you who exist in defiance of light
will never need to fear the seasons,
or be forgotten like words blowing in the wind.
How strange that you defy the eternal sun
only to succumb to the transient night,
and yet your existence is most poetic.

For you live beyond the reach of love and yet are in tuned
to its every move, its every gesture and its every pose.
How proud you stand oblivious to the wind
and graceful you drift through the turmoil that is life.
Were I denied my moment to bask in the joyous sun
I feel that I too would choose to be as you.

Where did my shadow go?




Have you seen my shadow?
Oh, where?
Oh where did it go?
I know it was here just a minute ago.

I swear it was here by my side.
I’m looking for him and
as much as I try,
I can’t find the place where he hides.

Look to the horizon dear boy.
Yes, to the horizon,
that’s where the sun sets,
that’s where all shadows go.
I’m, surprised, of this you did not know.

To the land beyond the sea,
that’s where I’m sure that he will be.
That’s where you’ll find him,
playing with the sun,
and really having fun.

That’s where all our dreams will go.
The land where shadows grow.

Thank you dear sir,
then in the land beyond the sea
I must find a way to be,
so my friendly shadow will always be with me.



J M Lysun



Image taken  from image from   thinkplaytoday.com





I was there at the beginning and will be there at the end.

I give shape to all that are and will be.
You feel my presence and yet my form eludes you.
You seek to understand me but you cannot.

For I exist, in a plane that is unfathomable through reasoning.
You may glimpse my shadow as it was, but of me, you will have no view.
But in you I will always be, but of me, you will never see.
The path I tread none can follow and yet you know that we will meet somewhere, sometime tomorrow.


— J M Lysun —

Copyright © 2014 J M Lysun. All Rights Reserved.