A summer night



One summer night
The moon did draw my gaze
Its bright crimson light
Did set the night ablaze

With a pearl like beaming glow
And a dark side that can’t be seen
I sensed my feelings grow
For a place where my heart has been

If it wasn’t for the radiant sun
I know its glow would not be there
Night would lose its fun
And the sun would waste its glare

Sharing abundant light with night
always pointing towards tomorrow
With its gleaming smile and gentle might
Banishing all of sorrow

Always caring for the human race
From its place high above
It does ocean tides embrace
With endless love


J M Lysun

For the love of a rose



What pain was felt for a rose.
When he realised his love,
She did in haste oppose.

If the thorn that struck,
Did strike a lesser man,
And did its venom seep,
Into his heart so deep.
Today you’d weep,
And he’d ever sleep.

But fate did play,
A gentle hand this day.
Though love did part,
From his grieving heart,
And tears did flow,
As did venom show,
Its pain did not linger,
As no ring to bind his finger.

Accepting what had to be
From his heart he set her free.
But so hard his love did grasp,
when he did unclasp,
Blood did from his finger flow,
Full of tears and sorrow,
With a wish for a better tomorrow.


J M Lysun




The tears for tomorrow are bitter sweet;
Having learnt from the past,
They speak of what can be,
What should be.

The tears for today are full of sorrow;
Fresh with past memories,
These speak of what was,
What could have been.

The tears of yesterday no longer sting;
Lost in time, their venom is dulled,
Only an echo in the dark,
Eventually forgotten.



J M Lysun




With a restless mind,
full of unforgiving intrusions,
ripping the layered shields.

A glint of sorrow,
betrays my thoughts of moments past.

Trapped in the past,
and the realm of the damned.
My tormented soul is,
with endless question, captured.

A haunting question lingers on my lips
“If Only?” I hear it utter as it points, to blame.
Weighted and sharp, like a dagger,
it pierces my mortal heart,
to cause such pain,
anguish and shame.

Though with deceiving words, to the world,
the weight of truth I do conceal.

But my remorseful eyes cast a shadow that betrays me.

Tears of sorrow and remorse bleed
through the crevices of my eyes to remind me
of what could and should have been.

I am forever condemned by my words and deeds
and must,

my conscience,

through truth appease.



J M Lysun