A feeling of unease sweeps my mind.
A sudden chill arrives from nowhere.
Causing me to quiver and shiver.

I am frozen and time passes without effect.
What I see lingers in my fingers.
And my palms begin to sweat.

I feel prickles on my back.
Unaccompanied eerie footsteps flood my ears
Unearthly shadows surround me.

With my senses tuned, I tingle,
as anticipation in my thoughts mingle.

I hear my unanswered screams,
and wonder if it’s a dream.

But its there,… FEAR


J M Lysun

Morning breaks



A ray of light shining in my face, warm and inviting.
The sound of rustling leaves catch my attention.
My thoughts begin to focus.

A smell of freshly cooked bacon floods my nostrils,
pleasantly ending my slumber.
And I awake.

A yawn escapes my lips,
A new day I embrace with outstretched arms.
Now fully rested, I am ready to emerge to a new day,
as morning breaks.


J M Lysun