50 Word Stories: journey beyond the stars


Trapped in dying dormant bodies, with even the silence of space eluding us; to souls who mattered, the voyage beyond the stars could not have been more perfect. In truth too perfect for reality to condone, but for those on the journey what unfolded was truly the stuff of dreams!

You and I



Open your mind and see
I am part of you as
You are part of me
What we’re made of has
Been here for an eternity.

Merely matter and energy
Interchangeable all can be
Dancing to a rhythm full
Of boundless motion
That we can’t see

A nature beyond understanding
Of geometry that cannot last
Driven by curiosity we seek
To peek beyond the veil to
A place where minds can sail.

Are we part of a Multiverse
Or a simulation running free?
Questions we’re trying to answer
With our existence not defined
Our understanding is clearly blind

It’s reassuring we are all the same.
Made from things that recombine
What is part of you will always
be clearly part of me and that’s
the way it will always be.

J M Lysun

Stars at night



I gazed upon the sky at night,
And was amazed by what I saw,
Darkness blessed with light,
As I looked upon with awe.

How these stars do shine,
Twinkling as they do.
My heart they seek to bind,
As I wonder how they grew.

It’s easy to fall in love,
With the unending cosmic ocean;
As I look at the sky above,
And see these lights in motion.


J M Lysun

The Universe that speaks to me



To the stars I look for inspiration,
drawn by the deepness of never ending lights,
that sparkle against the dark aether of space.

It is hard to believe that so much could begin
from a bang; a spark of light bursting to be seen,
born out of chaos, yet fusing to produce such majesty.

Matter drawn to matter, dust to dust, fused by the forces that emerged
at the beginning and will be there at the end.

Isn’t it wonderful to know that the same forces that governed the birth of,
the Moons
the Planets.
the Stars,
the Galaxies,
and many more marvels than can be written, play a part in our very being?

That we share atoms with the very things that we revere.

Just as we define their beauty and spectacle in words,
they too speak of beauty by defining our very essence.

Confined by their aura we must dance to a rhythm
that they dictate.

So sublime and timed to perfection.
So universal that we find it mirrored,
and reflected in every aspect of our existence.

A beauty beyond words that speak of more than can ever be imagined.
It speaks of a geometry that we have yet to see or understand.

Balanced on the fine needle of creation,
all that is, exists in synchronicity,
not one grain out of place,
not one ray of light wasted.

All is there because they were meant to be,
an endless sea of colours,
and possibilities.

No greater beauty can an artist paint,
no greater wonders can we imagine,
or, can we conceive than what is strewn across this universe.

So much to marvel.
So much to experience.

But as much as we seek to unravel its mystery,
it’s totality will lie beyond our reach and understanding,
and will remain so till the end of time.

As it should be.



J M Lysun