even a world
spun out of the
purest silk
adorned with
the most precious
of stones can
be shattered
by a summer wind
whose ill temper
cares not for
the promises
of spring

misfortune comes
to bring
fate’s heartless blade
to slice and dice
by endless cuts
the body
of meaningful
whose hasty
it forestalls

the storm
that chaos brings
is swift
turning day to night
with but a moment
arriving as cold
as a daggered hand
to reap havoc on
on a well made bed
once shaped
to invite comfort
– now, no more –

Forgotten history


Living in a world full of mystery
Where we don’t fully know our history

We are left full of crazy notions
Of how our ancestors crossed the oceans

Did they row or did they sail?
How is it that they did not fail?

Across the ocean blue I heard they came
A precise time for this, we cannot frame

They walked across the land, across the sand
Did they come this way where I now stand?

Did they look like you and me?
Did they see creatures that made them flee?

I can’t imagine that if it was you or I
Whether we’d make a map of the open sky

With boulders huge they marked the stars
All around us they left their scars

They understood so long ago
That with time, where the stars would go

So precise were their stone device
How were they built and at what price?

Why to heaven did they intensely stare?
So many answers they did not share

Like the rest of us, I can only guess
That’s why our knowledge is still a mess.