My wound
is not
framed in
light but
holed in
What bleeds
from mortal
bodies is
but sympathy
for what
truly ails
the soul,
mournful sob
and tears
is fated
to remain
silent to
the world;
pouring instead
to fill
nightmarish dreams
by the constant
of regrets,
that refuse to
That won’t
the cool
comforting breeze
of a warm
summer’s day.

A summer night



One summer night
The moon did draw my gaze
Its bright crimson light
Did set the night ablaze

With a pearl like beaming glow
And a dark side that can’t be seen
I sensed my feelings grow
For a place where my heart has been

If it wasn’t for the radiant sun
I know its glow would not be there
Night would lose its fun
And the sun would waste its glare

Sharing abundant light with night
always pointing towards tomorrow
With its gleaming smile and gentle might
Banishing all of sorrow

Always caring for the human race
From its place high above
It does ocean tides embrace
With endless love


J M Lysun

Sun burn



Another summer day,
Quickly passes away.
Full of sunny promises,
That are never here to stay.
What happens in brightness,
Are usually full of lightness.
But what happened today,
Was really not that way.
I was lying in the sun,
Having a lot of fun,
Got sunburnt on my cheek,
Now looking like a freak.
I ran into the shade,
Hoping it would fade.
Alas, it was too late,
What an awful fate.
I didn’t heed the warning,
When I started yawning.
What a price to pay,
Nothing more to say.

J M Lysun

At the beach



One last day of summer by the beach,
I do beseech.

Free as can be,
To swim by the sea.

Waking in the morning,
Seeing beauty always dawning.

Hearing the waves crashing,
Giving the sand a lashing.

Being completely at peace,
With the sun in the east.

Being completely at rest.
When it falls in the west,

Without a single care,
And a lot of time to spare.

What I see is very pleasing,
My feet in sand always easing.

One last day by the beach
I do beseech.


J M Lysun

A world beneath my feet



Beneath my feet,
the world looks very neat.

Grasses trimmed and pretty,
typical of what you’d find in a city.

Rows of concrete floors on either side,
just to help me ease my stride.

But just below where your eyes can’t see,
is a world that’s wild and free.

If only there, I could now be
I wonder what my eyes would see?

May be a place full of mountains and ridges,
with many insects making bridges?

Or maybe a place that’s bright and airy,
where you might meet a happy fairy?

In truth, I have no clue,
of what’s down below and what they do.

But of what they do I should not care,
just as long as they are happy there.

I wish they are always having fun,
hidden from the brightness of the sun.



J M Lysun

A father’s day


A fathers day

A moment of bliss;
is sitting idly on a hot summers day,
lying on a deck chair watching my wife and children from a distant play,
with a beer in my hand,
music in my ears,
a gentle cool breeze on my back,
food in my sac,
with nothing that I lack.
Ah, that’s what I call a summers day!


J M Lysun

Summary of my exploration


Week 4

Week 4:  A summary of my exploration, to boldly go where others have gone before, but with a different set of eyes and ears.

Looking out across from my apartment, it’s another beautiful sunny day and here I am indoors writing my blog. Try and beat that for dedication?! Since most of you are probably too busy, getting on with your interesting lives or writing for your own blogs, to care for my idle taunts, I rest easily knowing that I won’t be chastised online for my arrogance. I hope.

If you have been following my blog, you would have noticed the gradual change in its appearance and my continued growing number of experiments. I was even tempted to change my style of writing at one point to try to emulate some of the more accomplished writers I have come across but I realised that it wouldn’t be me and as such it would be difficult to sustain. So, I have decided to patiently continue my gradual development of my own style and see how far it can take me. Following guidance once more:

Insist on yourself; never imitate. Your own gift you can offer with the cumulative force of a whole life’s cultivation, but of the adopted talent of another, you have only an extemporaneous, half possession.”   – Ralph Waldo Emerson

A number of you have written to me with words of encouragement, and dare I say it, even praise. You have my sincerest thanks for taking time to share your thoughts. I also thank everyone visiting my blog and “liking” my poems.

Although I welcome comments, as a relative newbie to the blog writing scene, at the back of my mind is this picture of waking up and finding a mail box full of negative critiques; advising me to hang up my pen and take up archery instead or something like that. So far, I have been spared this indignity, so I continue to write in ignorance. I would definitely appreciate constructive comments from fellow bloggers to steer me towards improving my work but I do not want to be graded and be given blog awards etc. If you don’t have anything positive to say by merely not commenting and/or not liking is sufficient to grab my attention.

“Even those who write against fame wish for the fame of having written well, and those who read their works desire the fame of having read them.” – Blaise Pascal

Of the pieces I’ve written so far, my personal favourites are Play , My reflection , Light , Rainbows , Calmness and Original me for their  lightness, simplicity and fun. I also enjoyed creating Self esteem and Unwanted for the twist at the end. The Master, for its sheer reverence; reflecting what I feel when I see great work.  In search of Genius for lighting the way.

My deeper observation in The Silent Mind, Culture, Respect, Goodwill felt good to put on paper. When I first posted the “The Silent Mind”, I attached a picture of Buddha but changed it soon after that when it occurred to me I was being less than honest as to the source of what I wrote. The “Silent Mind” wasn’t written with any religious connotations in mind or any specific cultural reference. I wrote this in a moment of deep contemplation, focusing on what “silence” meant to me and what I thought it could contribute. Like many before me, I sincerely believe that hidden knowledge waits to be unlocked and found if we only opened our ears to listen and our eyes to observe and our hearts to absorb. We’re often so busy in our everyday lives that even if something of utter beauty and perfection appears in front of us, we would be too distracted to appreciate it.

As for Eternal love, The moon I love and Timeless Moments they were written to appease my heart; written to reflect emotional attachment to people, moments, spiritual or godly influences. I wanted to test whether I could encapsulate some of these feelings.

You will also probably have noticed the fun I was having playing with words when creating modern Haikus or playing with words in general. It was clearly a hit and miss, but I feel I am getting more and more used to the form and mindset.  I hope that I managed to capture a real haiku moment in one of them.

Last but not least, my historic “Poems” were also fun to write. It’s fun to spread historic awareness and encourage deeper involvement in Philosophy and Science. Science doesn’t have to be boring or difficult to absorb; the difficulty only comes in making the great observations! I was trying to instil this belief in my writing.

I thought I’d give you this summary to give you a better picture of what I am up to in my writings, that there is method in my madness.

Having fun writing is the main theme I cling to. I am not expecting or after any accolades. I am happy enough to know that what I write can touch some of you. It may inspire you to pick up a history book or to double check my science facts or even explore the topics that I am writing about in your own way.

One thing is for certain; my appreciation of the talents that surround me continues to grow.

That’s my thoughts for this week.


From J M Lysun, A curious mind.

Summer by the sea


summerby the sea

A summer by the sea is very good for me.
Air so fresh, breeze so cool.
All I need now is for you to be with me.

I wish everyday could be like this.
So full of joy, so merry.

How I love the ocean, the sound of waves, oh how refreshing,
to feel cool droplets on my face.

Such pleasure at leisure makes my heart begin to race.
Oh, how I love the feeling of open space.

Peace tranquility, that’s what summer by the sea will always mean to me.


— J M Lysun —

Copyright © 2014 J M Lysun. All Rights Reserved.