The sun and the clouds



I see the puffy clouds
Playing hide and seek with the sun
What they’re playing looks really very fun

Dressed in gold, the sun is very happy
Glistening bright he’s clearly looking snappy

If only I could sprout wings and fly
I would really like to join them in the sky


J M Lysun

The moon I love



Have you seen the light above,
how it shines so bright,
against the blackness of the night?

Though it pales compared to day,
in the night it makes a great display.

The moon I love,
high above,
is a gentle, caring moon.

To the children of the forest,
it never really comes too soon.

By bringing light to utter darkness,
shadows into play,
it brings pure magic some would say.

Mirror of the sun.
Force of wonder.

We the children of the sun,
who fear the night,
welcome your illumination.

Symbol of grace and clarity
always be the moon I love
and forever shine on me.

J M Lysun