I thought I knew the limit of beauty,
until my eyes was set on thee

I thought I knew grace,
until I looked upon thy face

Such magnificence that I now know.
Such majesty, is what I see, now glow.

Orange red hues spreads along the horizon,
that I cannot help but keep my eyes on.

Though it blinds me, the essence of its glow,
I feel the need to know.

Framed by a mountain, the sky and the open sea,
this is where my heart clearly wants to be.

Across the open ocean blue,
nothing I’ve seen compares to you.

Water shimmers in your brilliance,
as you struggle and show resilience.

In the end you give way to night
but not without a fight.



J M Lysun

Where did my shadow go?




Have you seen my shadow?
Oh, where?
Oh where did it go?
I know it was here just a minute ago.

I swear it was here by my side.
I’m looking for him and
as much as I try,
I can’t find the place where he hides.

Look to the horizon dear boy.
Yes, to the horizon,
that’s where the sun sets,
that’s where all shadows go.
I’m, surprised, of this you did not know.

To the land beyond the sea,
that’s where I’m sure that he will be.
That’s where you’ll find him,
playing with the sun,
and really having fun.

That’s where all our dreams will go.
The land where shadows grow.

Thank you dear sir,
then in the land beyond the sea
I must find a way to be,
so my friendly shadow will always be with me.



J M Lysun



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