Tears of oppression



O rise you brave indignant souls
enough of lifeless tears
drained from hidden wells.

Come forth to share the light
and bask in open truth
to cleanse your mortal stains.

No more should you in silence bear
the injustice of a passing wind
whose voice speaks of oppression.

Give not your tormentors
strength through your silence
but speak not as a lover scorned.

And through strength of a blade
indiscriminately strike random hearts
and wound thy precious soul.

Gather great courage in your voice
and know that it is more than
match for what ails this world.

Let it bellow loudly to awaken
dormant hearts to your cause
and thus through conscience touch.

To raise such fire in their blood
that wouldst injustice slay and
be the cause of peaceful change.

precious times


with loved ones, time I wish to spend
not just now, or for tomorrow,
but really to the very end.

in my heart their joy and tears I keep,
not just to view in the light of day,
but also to view them in my sleep.

never should I live with regret,
the path I take and things I make,
with time, are never always set.

In the name of God and Country?



The inhumanity of our kind is legendary
So many wasted lives scattered in the wind
To fulfill dreams verging on madness.
For millennia, we have deceived ourselves.
Harnessing the politics of ancient maps and gripes
“In the name of God and Country”, rivers of
Blood we allowed to flow; through inexcusable
Callous acts only a messed up human mind,
Not God could dream. Often deluded and
Armed with misguided thoughts we seek
Retributions from others. We claim equal
Measure of blood for blood caring not for
The innocent. Our conscience, if heard,
Would weep at our acts of pure savagery.
Even aware of this, we still allow our souls
To be tarnished, as we seek to harness
Sadness to unleash unwarranted brutality
On our fellowmen. “By the will of God and Country”
We say over and over again to conceal the extent
Of our insanity. It says much when even the
Human mind cannot knowingly endure this
Degree of evil without invoking others to take
The blame. We rationalise our actions not
Because there is reason to be found but rather
To wash our hands of our misdeeds. We even
Invent words to absolve our race from sin, labelling
Such acts as “inhumane” as if this evil is not part
Of our collective nature, not part of “humanity”
When in truth it lives in all of us. The sooner we
Accept this and learn to address it, the sooner
We can claim to be truly civilised. So let us
Never forget the sacrifices, the tears and blood
That was shed in countless wars and those
Who bore the brunt of our collective wrong.


J M Lysun

For the love of a rose



What pain was felt for a rose.
When he realised his love,
She did in haste oppose.

If the thorn that struck,
Did strike a lesser man,
And did its venom seep,
Into his heart so deep.
Today you’d weep,
And he’d ever sleep.

But fate did play,
A gentle hand this day.
Though love did part,
From his grieving heart,
And tears did flow,
As did venom show,
Its pain did not linger,
As no ring to bind his finger.

Accepting what had to be
From his heart he set her free.
But so hard his love did grasp,
when he did unclasp,
Blood did from his finger flow,
Full of tears and sorrow,
With a wish for a better tomorrow.


J M Lysun




The tears for tomorrow are bitter sweet;
Having learnt from the past,
They speak of what can be,
What should be.

The tears for today are full of sorrow;
Fresh with past memories,
These speak of what was,
What could have been.

The tears of yesterday no longer sting;
Lost in time, their venom is dulled,
Only an echo in the dark,
Eventually forgotten.



J M Lysun