what is love?


love cares not
for empty vessels
primed by time
choosing instead
to hearts consume
and with touch render
the most sensible, fools
inspiring men to cry as babes
women to rage like lions
who so enslaved
by tender moments
cannot sanity contain
were it not for the flip
of a coin that could
also endearing joy
and courage bring
once awaken by true light
all would like illusions vanish
leaving only strife and pain
and not the beautiful thing
often spoken of in poetry

Life has meaning?


The meaning of life?
So much time is wasted searching
rather than living.
In the end, it matters not
from where the stream flows
that it does is the miracle.

What value does it add to draw
meaning from an open book
with words yet to be written;
where essence, even when captured
in words, is but a shadow of what came
before and what will come after.

precious times


with loved ones, time I wish to spend
not just now, or for tomorrow,
but really to the very end.

in my heart their joy and tears I keep,
not just to view in the light of day,
but also to view them in my sleep.

never should I live with regret,
the path I take and things I make,
with time, are never always set.

Forgotten history


Living in a world full of mystery
Where we don’t fully know our history

We are left full of crazy notions
Of how our ancestors crossed the oceans

Did they row or did they sail?
How is it that they did not fail?

Across the ocean blue I heard they came
A precise time for this, we cannot frame

They walked across the land, across the sand
Did they come this way where I now stand?

Did they look like you and me?
Did they see creatures that made them flee?

I can’t imagine that if it was you or I
Whether we’d make a map of the open sky

With boulders huge they marked the stars
All around us they left their scars

They understood so long ago
That with time, where the stars would go

So precise were their stone device
How were they built and at what price?

Why to heaven did they intensely stare?
So many answers they did not share

Like the rest of us, I can only guess
That’s why our knowledge is still a mess.

across empty space



Since when did darkness swear to forgive the soul?
No, you’re mistaken, not in this life was set, this goal.
For darkness cares not for light of day,
Does not wish to see our souls at play.
Born before the tick of time.
To it brightness and colour are but a crime.
Never did it wish to see the light of day.
Caring not what light would say.
Seeing colours adorn the earth and sky,
Darkness you will hear with thunder cry.
Only when in gloom our head do rest,
And with darkness dwell at his bequest.
That we see his mirthful smile
Seeking to our soul, beguile.
Be not content to listen to his idle words,
Or he will bind you to his mindless herds.
Darkness is ever mournful of the silent lost,
Dreams and schemes of bringing back the frost.
Watching light across the fabric of space expand,
Its endless colours and growth he seeks to ban.
Only wishing utter darkness to grace his face,
That’s why with light he seeks to race.
With determination and patience, light he will resist,
As he knows well that even light cannot persist.
But don’t lose heart with what I say,
Remember time will do its best to bar his way-
Leaving more than enough time for us to play.

J M Lysun




Once the question of time,
Did consume my mind.
Its essence we do not know,
And yet we see it flow.
Like a rainbow it may be an illusion,
That in our mind makes an intrusion.
Though we measure it at our leisure,
Where it begins is never clear.
Where it ends we cannot peer.
Though the arrow of time we can see,
Moment to moment it seems to be.
Moving at greater speed with age,
Always quick to turn another page.
To the future we seem to rush,
Yet with the past we cannot brush.
Though time, we find, is quite sublime,
Its nature is not easy to define.
As an illusion observed in normality,
It’s a fundamental part of our reality.


J M Lysun

The river of life


cycle of life


The sand of time,
do us remind,
our moment is fleeting,
ends when our hearts stop beating.
So much to see,
so much to be,
with nothing everlasting,
we’re only here in passing.
That’s how it all flows,
all you need to know.
So, enjoy the moment,
make your atonement.
Release the past,
for the future at last.
Fill your time with merriment,
your mind with experiment,
and always be there,
for those you care.
No time spare,
So share.


J M Lysun