precious times


with loved ones, time I wish to spend
not just now, or for tomorrow,
but really to the very end.

in my heart their joy and tears I keep,
not just to view in the light of day,
but also to view them in my sleep.

never should I live with regret,
the path I take and things I make,
with time, are never always set.

Now is all we have






To never see tomorrow
To be in the middle of today
When yesterday was full of sorrow
Today I’m ready to play

What does it say of me?
What have I failed to see?
Answer: May be that the future’s not clear to me?
Answer: that I don’t know where next I’ll be

But what I do know is that today will be gone,
Tomorrow never comes, yesterday is clearly over
And it’s only with “now” that I can stay.

J M Lysun




The tears for tomorrow are bitter sweet;
Having learnt from the past,
They speak of what can be,
What should be.

The tears for today are full of sorrow;
Fresh with past memories,
These speak of what was,
What could have been.

The tears of yesterday no longer sting;
Lost in time, their venom is dulled,
Only an echo in the dark,
Eventually forgotten.



J M Lysun