our “soul” possession


The only things truly ours
in this life are our emotions!
Everything else is passed
from one generation to the other
as learnt facts, that even now, we
struggle to remember and understand.

That may explain why throughout
history, humanity has obsessively
clung to love and hate
and why we are always quick
to abandon all the valuable lessons
learnt of their folly.

In the dominion of men



In the dominion of men,
there is much I don’t understand.

Why is there so much darkness when,
we from birth, were given light?

Why are there constant wars that we must fight?

So much madness that lead to sadness.
So much hate that won’t abate.

Why is it so hard to share and care?
Why are acts of open kindness getting rare?

So much poverty and abundance paired.
So much squandering as if we do not care.

Why can we not see the error of our ways?

Why is there so much envy,
that our hearts we cannot set free?

So much greed,
that the need for unnecessary material,
we feel we need to breed.

So much lust that makes us lose our trust.

Why do we allow pride to mar our sight?

What we do, cannot be right.

The dominion of men is just too hard to comprehend.
Our selfish actions,
as much we try,
we cannot defend.


J M Lysun