Hope is everywhere


enough of dark thoughts
for shadows and
night never last!

for even the vastness
of space is never
dark for too long

darkness is but
a canvass
there only to accompany light

whose moments
come as waves
even on forgotten shores

there to bestow
awareness of beauty
waiting to be found

to draw attention to salvation
hidden at every corner
of despair

The soothing sea



What a sweet melody I hear by the sea?
With the wind whistling and sound of
waves crashing, smashing against the rocks.
Relentless, deliberate and soothing all in one.
Drawing the listener into a mind absorbing,
pleasurable journey where even the texture of sand,
rock and water is inexplicably felt. Urged on to
pervade our inner most senses by the salty fishy smell
of the ocean, our subconscious memories, begin to
paint such vivid imagery that there is no need for sight.
It is as if every grain of sand and feel of rock now reside
in our mind. Such is the clarity and fluidity of
the experience that almost nothing can divert us from
the sensations…Except the maddening cries and the
intrusion of the ever hungry calls of seagulls;
So harsh and lonely are the cries that appeal to
our humanity, that they alone succeed to temporarily
swamp the ever encroaching crashing waves. But a
moment later they are gone and once more our primal
thoughts are stimulated and we again find ourselves
surrendering to the serene sound of perfection;
Gently lulling us into blissful forgetfulness. Every grain
of thought blocking the arteries of our mind are washed away,
by wave after wave of solace until at last, with an approving
nod from the sun, all suddenly fall silent; as our mind and
body flow as one with nature and we find restful peace.

J M Lysun