summer bliss



no words do I find
that can capture the bliss of
a cool summer breeze


50 Word Stories: flame of love


Though her beauty spoke to his eyes, only the gentleness of her heart could pry open the vast cavern of love that now sought to devour her every word,… her every glance and touch. Realising what he felt was beyond what lustful passion alone could kindle, he hungered for more.

yours for the asking?


Is it truly ours
for the asking?
In our ignorance
we claim to know
so much and yet
beyond the mist
that confounds reason
sits unclaimed answers
impatiently awaiting untainted
questions to be posed.

for every question
an answer is
compelled to flow,
but where it goes,
what it shows,
is often found
to be more baffling
than that sort
by its inception.

Much time is often
lost through missed
phrased words
that speak
with imprecision
to the precise,
only to discover that
the language used
could not bear to
speak to reason.